Salon Mei is a hair salon with a Beverly Hills Master Salon atmosphere and technique. You are invited to experience the same techniques that the salons in Beverly Hills use right here in Hawaii. Now having trained with the Paul Mitchell School of Hair Design and having completed a complete renovation feel the professionalism and masters of excellence in Salon Mei
Hair Services
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Bridal Up-Do Hair Manicure Straight Permanent
Hi Lite (Full) Relaxing Color
Hi Lite (Partial)
Deep Conditioning Treatment
We'll get to the core of your dry and damaged hair. Using the concentrated Kera Triplex keratin and Awapuhi extract. 

Considered the "spine" of the hair shaft, keratin protein is a vital element in strong, healthy hair.

KeraTriplex™ is an exclusive blend of isolated keratin proteins specially designed to repair 
and seal damaged hair. It's the most effective keratin protein available in hair care today.

1Daily stress can damage hair from the cuticle to the cortex.Keratin fibers within the cortex are joined by peptide bonds-when those bonds are broken, hair becomes fragile and weak.
2KeraTriplex™ is a blend of three proteinswith targeted molecular weights that penetrate into the cortex, rebuild disrupted bonds and reinforce the cuticle.
3Hair is healthier-looking and instantly restored. A long-lasting sacrificial shield smoothes the cuticle and protects from further damage.
A calming and sensational hand rub that will relax your tense muscles.


 Paul Mitchell Keratin Treatment



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